Ceremonies are as old as human existence. Every culture has developed ways in which to respectfully and consciously acknowledge major life events and transitions. Today, the joy and wisdom that is communally experienced through ceremonial recognition has been replaced by highly destructive behavior. House Of Authenticity is bringing back the “divine wine” of ceremonial experience which we fully customize based upon your personal preferences. Ceremonies can be quite simple to elaborate. They may last several hours or several days. What’s most important is the community who shows up and the energy they bring.

A rite Of passage is a conscious way for communities to ceremonially acknowledge significant life occasions. These ceremonies, in one form or another, have appeared in nearly every culture. Births, deaths, marriages, birthdays (especially every 7th year for duration of entire life), transitioning into adulthood/puberty, leaving one’s community, assuming a leadership role, divorce, anniversaries, graduating and many more life events are occasions for holding a rite of passage. Contact us to create the perfect ceremony for you, your family, friends or loved ones.


Whatever you may be suffering from, the emphasis on deepening your level of consciousness will benefit you. It’s an opportunity to participate in age old tradition of “sitting at the feet” of a teacher who can open up understanding within you that can ultimately lead to real inner peace. That said, satsanga is a real ego-buster and will likely make you see things about yourself that you may not want to see, but must, in order to transcend your afflictions. The intensity of satsanga is entirely up to you. You may just come to listen or you may decide to ask questions. There is no pressure to speak. It’s been said that birds of feather flock together. Come commune with other souls for whom Truth is a shared value.

This is a interactive and organic exchange that can lead to “real-time” healing and deepening of consciousness. Satsanga (or satsang) is a word which comes from Sanskrit, meaning to associate with true people, or to be in the company of true people. “Sat” means truth and “sang” means gathering, company or association. This is not a group therapy session, panel discussion or speech but a means to discovering Truth experientially. Proper questions in this setting would be: Why do we suffer? Does God really exist? Who am I? What is the purpose of life? How can I control my anger? How do I get rid of fear? Why don’t I feel loved? How do I control my mind and thoughts? Satsanga is open to all Truth seekers regardless of ethnicity, creed, gender or beliefs.


House of Authenticity offers an array of services to help you experientially deepen your understanding of what Consciousness is and why it’s essential for you to connect with it. We offer individual spiritual counseling, group classes, workshops, seminars and retreats to help you establish a true sense and connection with your being. Our services are not like those offered by therapists, relationship coaches or life coaches. We don’t seek to help you find ways to accumulate more things, power or position in the world. We are here to help you fortify your spiritual house. With an experiential inner-knowing of who and what you really are, you’ll know precisely what you need and how to attract it. ( many of our services like spiritual counseling are available in-person and online)


The great sage Pantanjali defined yoga as “the removal of the fluctuations of the mind.” Today, particularly in the west, yoga is primarily understood, taught and practiced as exercise or stretching. The emphasis is on physical movements and poses while its true purpose is completely ignored. Yoga as taught and understood by House of Authenticity is transmitted in a manner nearly opposite of the current trend. That is, yoga is taught with an emphasis on the inner wisdom it can produce. Of course, some basic asanas (body postures) will be taught but they will not be highlighted.

A true yogi or yogini knows that he or she is far more than a posture or pose. The goal of yoga is union, authentically living Truth and mastery of the mind. We agree with Pantanjali and therefore our consultations, classes, practices and offerings will be directed toward inner understanding and wisdom. This opens up the opportunity for a much larger section of the population to participate in real yoga regardless of age or physical condition. This is what the original masters of yoga intended.


Martial arts have been around since the early beginnings of human existence. While many are only familiar with the “martial/yang” side of these traditions, the “art/yin” side is less known and understood. That said, martial arts wisdom today is used in many arenas. For example, many of the top MBA schools are quite familiar with, and teach, the philosophies of sages and generals like Sun Tzu and his book “The Art of War.” Even in most western countries, it’s unlikely to meet someone who has not at least heard or seen something about martial arts.

Martial arts philosophies were derived from deeply spiritual inner struggles with issues we all are still grappling with today. Among them life, death, loss, fear, anxiety, love, doubt, optimal health, faith, courage and existential meaning. House of Authenticity is broadening the outreach to those who would like to benefit from this wisdom but may not necessarily be interested in practicing the physical aspects of martial arts. Martial arts is mindfulness and meditation in real-time. Its philosophies have been the means by which this can be effectively achieved. Bruce Lee once said that “ultimately martial arts is about honestly expressing one’s self…this is not always easy to do.”


In contemporary times, food has become politicized, a divisive lifestyle issue and generally a source of arguments about nutrition. It’s unfortunate and unnecessary. House of Authenticity approaches food choice from a completely different place which is spiritually based. Specifically, our teachers are plant-based and adhere to vegetarian and vegan food choices only.

These choices require a conscious relationship with food. This includes why we eat food, how we prepare and eat it, self mastery/discipline and its impact on spiritual development. For us, eating is a devotional act. Therefore, we offer individual consultations, group classes, workshops, seminars and retreats for those willing to become conscious about what they consume and want to experience the correlation between food consumption and spiritual development.

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